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The following enhanced BigQuery capabilities enabled by the flowfunctions library are currently available to be deployed onto client projects:

Inbound Data

These capabilities give insight into the existence and metadata relating to inbound data, and are typically required when using non-Google-native data ingestion methods. However for Google-native sources it is often useful to monitor ingest times as these can be unpredictable, potentially impacting downstream activities.

Inbound Data Ingest Time Tracking
Inbound Date Partition Profiling
Inbound Data Profiling
Inbound Data Monitoring (Slack Notification)
Inbound Data Exception Notification (Slack Notification)
Inbound Event-based Function Triggering

Data Profiling

These capabilities give insights into the contents of data at any point in a data workflow.

Partition Comparison Analysis
Data Duplicate Flagging
Data Distribution Profiling
Data Similarity Analysis
Nested Column Profiling
Schema Evolution Tracking

Data Monitioring

These capabilities allow passive or active monitoring of data based on defined rules and expectations.

Passive Data Monitoring (Dashboard)
Active Data Monitoring (Notifications)

Resource Profiling

These capabilities give insight into resources such as datasets, tables, views and scheduled queries.

Resource Validity Analysis
Obsolete Resource Identification
Scheduled Query Inventory
Data Transfer Job Inventory
Data Transfer Job History
Object Table Deployment

Depency & Lineage

These capabilities analyse resource metadata to give insight into relationships between resources.

Data Dependency Mapping
Scheduled Query Dependency Mapping
Data Dependency Visualisation
Data Lineage Mapping
Column Lineage Mapping
Column Dependency Mapping

Usage Analysis

These capabilities give insight into usage and cost of BigQuery and Google Cloud resources.

Query Analysis
Billing Analysis
Looker Studio Usage Analysis

Data Management

These capabilities give insight and enable automation of data management activities.

Data Backup Automation
Data Restore
SQL Backup Automation
IAM Policy Analysis
IAM Policy Configuration
GCS Object Signed URL Generation

Google Analytics

These capabilities help solve common Google Analytics challenges, predominatly for GA4.

GA4 Nested Column Profiling
GA4 Property & Dimension Decoding
GA4 BigQuery Automation

Google Cloud APIs

These capabilities give access to Google Cloud APIs from within BigQuery data workflows, using Remote Functions connected to Python Cloud Functions and Secret Manager for security.

Looker Studio Linking API
Google Cloud Storage
Google Natural Language
Google Translate
Google Document AI

External APIs

These capabilities extend BigQuery by accessing external APIs from within BigQuery data workflows, using Remote Functions connected to Python Cloud Functions and Secret Manager for security.

GPT4 Integration
Addition Custom Integration on Demand