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Access is currently private and administered via Google Groups, which makes extending access within a permitted organisation simple and self-service.


The flowfunctions library is mirrored from our central code base and can be deployed across all BigQuery locations.

To execute flowfunctions, the location of the flowfunctions project needs to match the dataset location. For example, if the dataset is multi-region in the EU, you need to use the flowfunctions--eu project by either prefixing the function call with `flowfunctions--eu` or setting the BigQuery system variable @@dataset_project_id to 'flowfunctions--eu' in the script header with the following line of code:

SET @@dataset_project_id = 'flowfunctions--eu';


Multi-region description Multi-region name Flowfunctions project
Data centers within member states of the European Union EU flowfunctions--eu
Data centers in the United States US flowfunctions--us



Region description Region name Flowfunctions project
Columbus, Ohio us-east5 flowfunctions--us-east5
Iowa us-central1 flowfunctions--us-central1
Las Vegas us-west4 flowfunctions--us-west4
Los Angeles us-west2 flowfunctions--us-west2
Montréal northamerica-northeast1 flowfunctions--na-northeast1
Northern Virginia us-east4 flowfunctions--us-east4
Oregon us-west1 flowfunctions--us-west1
Salt Lake City us-west3 flowfunctions--us-west3
São Paulo southamerica-east1 flowfunctions--sa-east1
Santiago southamerica-west1 flowfunctions--sa-west1
South Carolina us-east1 flowfunctions--us-east1
Toronto northamerica-northeast2 flowfunctions--na-northeast2

Asia Pacific

Region description Region name Flowfunctions project
Delhi asia-south2 flowfunctions--asia-south2
Hong Kong asia-east2 flowfunctions--asia-east2
Jakarta asia-southeast2 flowfunctions--asia-southeast2
Melbourne australia-southeast2 flowfunctions--au-southeast2
Mumbai asia-south1 flowfunctions--asia-south1
Osaka asia-northeast2 flowfunctions--asia-northeast2
Seoul asia-northeast3 flowfunctions--asia-northeast3
Singapore asia-southeast1 flowfunctions--asia-southeast1
Sydney australia-southeast1 flowfunctions--au-southeast1
Taiwan asia-east1 flowfunctions--asia-east1
Tokyo asia-northeast1 flowfunctions--asia-northeast1


Region description Region name Flowfunctions project
Belgium europe-west1 flowfunctions--europe-west1
Finland europe-north1 flowfunctions--europe-north1
Frankfurt europe-west3 flowfunctions--europe-west3
London europe-west2 flowfunctions--europe-west2
Madrid europe-southwest1 flowfunctions--eu-southwest1
Milan europe-west8 flowfunctions--europe-west8
Netherlands europe-west4 flowfunctions--europe-west4
Paris europe-west9 flowfunctions--europe-west9
Warsaw europe-central2 flowfunctions--europe-central2
Zürich europe-west6 flowfunctions--europe-west6